Saturday, 26 October 2013

First review of "Faithreat" and "City Life" t-shirts

Το Rock Overdose μόλις ανέβασε μια κριτική του νέου μας δίσκου ! Για να τη διαβάσετε κάντε click εδώ .

Επίσης , μια κριτική έγινε και από το . Διάβασε την εδώ !

Plus , we have printed some t-shirts . The design is inspired by the song "City Life" . Alexia is once again responsible for the great outcome .

Friday, 18 October 2013

Faithreat's self-titled album is out !

Our self-titled album is finally out !

We have uploaded the tracks on our BandCamp :

To get the VINYL for 11 euros please contact : Screaming Victims Distro @

For the CD version (5 euros)  please send a message @



On other news , we have recorded a new track for an international compilation . The compilation will be released on early 2014 . We will also play a live gig in Patras , after a long while , along with Tekna tis Orgis and Mental Assault . Besides , we will celebrate the holidays with our friends in Volos in a gig along with My Turn , in Termita Squat on the 24th of December . Here's the poster for Patras :

And last ,but not least, Volos :